What's the difference between Model 3 and Model Y?

Model 3 is a sedan and Model Y is an SUV. The Model S is the high-end version of the Model 3, and the Model X is the high-end version of the Model Y. Of course, this statement is not rigorous, it's to make it easier for people who don't know to understand.

Model S and Model X:

These two are two luxury models that Tesla made to develop the market in the early days. They both have air suspension, and the driving comfort is the best among the four models. If your needs are large space and many people sitting, then you must choose Model X. Up to now, Model X has supported the choice of 7 seats. If you are particularly looking for acceleration and battery life, then it is recommended that you choose the Model S, which only takes 2.1 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers.

If you feel that the price is too high and you want to consider used cars of these two models, it is recommended that you be cautious. The Model S/X has been iterated many times due to its early listing. Electric vehicle technology is updated rapidly, and old models will inevitably fall behind. For electronic products, it is still the same sentence, buy new and not buy old. In terms of features, Model X has gull-wing doors, separate seats, etc., which are the main differences from Model S.

Model 3:

The Model 3 is positioned as an entry-level electric sedan, the most basic of the four and the lowest starting price. It carries a choice of different configurations (mainly different in acceleration performance and cruising range).

In terms of space, the Model 3 is also the smallest. The rear seat space is small and the ride experience is not particularly good.

Model Y:

The Model Y is Tesla's newest model, and it's the most popular model since it went on sale. In appearance, the Model Y is more like an enlarged version of the Model 3.

In terms of space, the rear-seat riding experience is better than Model 3 because of the larger space. The integrated sunroof is a place where Model 3 owners are envious. Model Y's more suitable price, more suitable space, and more suitable configuration are the main reasons why it has become the choice of many people.

How to choose between Model 3 and Model Y?

In short, if you like sedans, choose Model 3, and if you like SUVs, choose Model Y. If you just want to enjoy yourself, choose the Model 3. If you consider the experience of the whole family, choose Model Y. Model 3 storage space is 649 liters, while Model Y storage space is up to 2158 liters.




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