Replace 12V Lead Acid Battery With Lithium 12V In Model 3

When an EV is "off", the 12V load is much greater due to the innovative computer system systems that are continuously going to keep the high-voltage battery pack, keep the car "linked" by means of remote gain access to functions, preserve charging, and BMS interactions, and so on. When the car is off, it can put up to 50 Watts of load on the 12V system. This cycle winds up draining pipes the 12V quite rapidly and needs it to be charged by the high-voltage battery pack frequently.

When switching on an EV, the 12V utilizes no extra load. While driving, the 12V battery is utilized for non-driving jobs (powers the lights, media system, windows, locks, and so on), while the high-voltage battery pack concentrates on the driving part, which extends the driving variety. The 12V battery undergoes fairly low discharge and charge currents due to the separation of jobs.

When not in usage, ** Tesla suggests you leave your vehicle plugged in. This will even more the life of both of your batteries.

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An EV requires a 12V battery that can manage a high variety of cycles and low present requirements, and an ICE car requires the precise reverse: a battery for high discharge and low cycle counts. While these lead-acid batteries are doing their task simply great in an ICE lorry, what does a Tesla require?


For your EV, lithium batteries can have incredible cycle life and still offer very little capability loss and deterioration. They likewise weigh less.

Lithium batteries are normally utilized for high-voltage battery packs, cell phones, laptop computers, medical devices, and vehicles where batteries are being cycled often, and durability is essential.


Teslas are set to secure the primary battery pack as much as possible, and if it's running low, it might put the battery into a deep sleep/low energy mode. If low-power intake mode is active due to a low charge on the primary battery pack, right away plug in your tesla to prevent the 12V battery from having and passing away to do a jumpstart and/or 12V battery replacement. As soon as the primary battery pack has actually stopped supporting it, the 12v battery can run flat within 24 hours.


To access to the 12v battery, the actions remain in the user and very first responder handbooks since every design and year is somewhat various. This is how we did it:

What you require: 10mm cog & 12V battery, gloves are suggested

1. Open the frunk.

2. Open your windows to prevent being entirely locked out of your automobile while it's off. You can even keep a door or 2 open.

3. Switch off your vehicle totally utilizing the touchscreen. (menu > safety & security >power off).

4. Unclip the rear seat on both sides (2 clips) and raise it up on the traveler side. You'll see a black cover. Take that out (- no tools included). Below that, there is a rectangle-shaped clip that you'll launch and let it hang off to the side.

5. Go back to the frunk and take out the top cover. It pops in and out with clips so be careful with them as they break easily.

6. Get the vent cover by likewise popping it out with the clips. You ought to now have the ability to access the 12V battery.

7. There is a bolt right on top that you'll remove in addition to the two assistance bars.

8. Negative side comes off first (black), then the positive (red).

9. Eliminate the battery as soon as all is detached.

10. With the brand-new Ohmmu battery, put the adapters on the positive and negative sides (they come with it). It'll fit like a cone where the bottom is a little larger than the leading and one is likewise a little larger than the other, so focus on those 2 crucial things when using.

11. Put the new battery in place.

12. Protect with bolt and assistance bars.

13. Put on positive first (red), then negative (black).

14. You need to hear the cars begin with a whirring sound after this part.

15. Put the vent cover back on.

16. Put the leading cover back on-- line it up prior to pushing in as the clips will break quickly.

17. Return to your rear seats and reattach the high-voltage plug and cover. The seats need to snap back into location.




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