Model 3/Y/S/X's hidden features (Part 2)

Tesla App Quick Controls

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The Tesla app for iPhone and Android is a helpful tool to do things like allow sentry mode, check charge statistics, and schedule service visits, however the most beneficial would be utilizing it as a vehicle secret, to lock your doors, open the trunk or frunk, switch on environment and even vent your windows. In the app, by default, you have 4 alternatives, which are lock/unlock, switch on environment, open the charge port, and open the frunk. If you long press in between those 4 icons, a covert menu will open with much more alternatives, which you can change with any of the default controls. A few of the surprise controls consist of: thawing your vehicle, beeping the horn, and allowing sentry mode. As a bonus offer, if you fiddle with dragging the icons, you can likewise include a 5th icon to the control bar!

Tesla Widget

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In addition to the quick controls in the Tesla app, you can make your fast controls offered on your mobile phone's house screen by including the Tesla Widget. On iPhone, merely hold down on a blank location on your house screen and select the + button on top left of your screen, next look for the Tesla widget and select either the medium or little variation on the widget and it will be contributed to your house screen or whichever page you 'd like. As soon as included you can access your 4 or 5 fast controls without ever opening the app, turning your phone into a virtual cars and truck secret. The widget will likewise reveal your battery portion, the automobile's present area, and sentry mode status. This is among the very best concealed functions on this list!

Turn Off Climate

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After the vacation upgrade V11 back in 2021, easy controls ended up being harder to gain access to and used the Tesla more discouraging than ever. Ever since the Tesla group has actually been launching upgraded to make things much easier to utilize, however a great deal of these updates do not highlight much of the enhanced functions. Among these functions is a method to rapidly shut off the environment. Typically, to do this, you would require to swipe up on the bottom of the screen and after that tap the power button on the environment screen, which can often be exceptionally tough to do while driving. To make things much easier, you can just hold down on the environment button for a couple of seconds and the environment will shut off entirely, making it a lot easier than in the past!

Quick Light Settings

Another setting you have the ability to gain access to much quicker now is your headlight and foglight settings. Instead of fumbling through the Tesla choices and menus, you can just press the left wheel stock forward to expose your light settings, where you can toggle your headlights, high beams, and parking lights.

Dismiss Autopilot Prompt

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Something we Tesla motorists can't stand is the auto-pilot triggers that inform us to get a hold of the guiding wheel with minor pressure to reveal we are taking note. Due to it being a security function, we will never ever have the ability to eliminate it, nevertheless, there is a method to make it less of a trouble. Getting a hold of the guiding wheel with minor turning force while driving can often be frightening since, with sufficient force, you can guide the automobile left and. Auto-pilot can be disengaged entirely by doing this. Instead of getting a hold of the guiding wheel, you can merely spin either scroll or push wheel on the guiding wheel, making it much safer and much easier on your hands and arms on long drives.

Set Trunk Height

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If you have actually ever hesitated to open the trunk of your Tesla in places with low ceilings or in a location that has hanging items above your automobile, you no longer need to hesitate, this is since you have the ability to change the opening height of the trunk by merely tapping on the trunk close button on your trunk at the height you 'd like it to stop opening. If you hold down on the button for a couple of seconds once it's at the height you 'd like, you can set it to constantly open at this height each time you open your trunk, which is fantastic for house usage. To reset the height, merely by hand press the trunk all the way up and hold down the trunk open till you hear a beeping noise.】、

Joe Mode

The system sounds can in some cases be frustrating and loud if you have little kids or frequently transportation rear seat travelers in your Tesla. Fortunately, you have the ability to decrease the volume of these noises by allowing "Joe Mode" in the security menu in system settings. The factor this function is called "Joe Mode" is that a Tesla owner by the name of Joe got in touch with Tesla with a grievance about the system sounds and desired a repair. Elon responded to the owner and included the function, calling it after the owner himself. How cool!


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As mentioned formerly, current Tesla updates have actually made browsing the infotainment screen simpler than previously, the addition of gestures assists make this a possibility. Instead of going through settings and menus, there's a lot that can be done by utilizing easy gestures. You can manage the temperature level of the environment by just holding down on the environment and swiping left and. Or you can do the exact same by managing the volume. There are lots of brand-new gestures to be discovered, so begin swiping around, you'll be shocked by what you can do!

Quick Reboot

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If your Teslas infotainment screen begins to act amusing, for example, it slows down and falters, or if some function stop working as anticipated like your phone no longer linking to Bluetooth or connection functions stop working, do not go calling Tesla simply! The majority of these basic issues can be fixed by doing a soft reboot. You can reboot and revitalize your Tesla without losing any settings by pressing the two scroll wheels on the guiding wheel for about 5 seconds. The screen will turn black for up to 50 seconds prior to it turns back on if done effectively. When on your Tesla will be revitalized and whatever needs to be working as planned. You can likewise do this system while driving as all of the driving functions will still work, simply without any screen up until it's restarted.

Upgrade Your Tesla

In addition to concealed functions, there are methods to make your Tesla More comfy, update its efficiency and enhance its appearances. You can do this by including aftermarket devices. Update your interior with customized seat covers and carbon fiber accents. Enhance efficiency with aerodynamic upgrades and wheel spacers or safeguard it with flooring mats and cars and truck covers.




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