Model 3/Y/S/X Hidden Features (Part 1)

Your Tesla has some quite cool concealed functions and secret settings that'll make your experience with your cars much more pleasurable if you didn't understand currently. Here are 20 Tesla Hidden Features you need to see to think!

Live Sentry Mode

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Your Tesla comes geared up with 8 electronic cameras. 4 cams are utilized to record activity while your vehicle is parked and in sentry mode, a widely known security function for Teslas. Some do not understand that these 4 electronic cameras can be accessed live through the Tesla app for Android and iPhone. Live sentry mode lets you from another location gain access to your Teslas video cameras, beep the horn, and flash the headlights. Another cool function is you can speak through your Tesla's outside speaker from anywhere in the world! As long as you have superior connection and live sentry mode made it possible for. Too cool!

Free Premium Connectivity

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Connection in all Tesla automobiles plays a crucial function in the driving experience, admitting to functions that utilize information-- such as streaming music and media, live traffic visualization, and more. Every Tesla includes basic connection that provides you access to fundamental Navigation functions. If you desire more functions consisting of Live Traffic Visualization, Sentry Mode - View Live Electronic Camera, Satellite-View Maps, Video Streaming, Caraoke, Music Streaming, and Web Surfing, you'll require to register for the Premium Connection service for $9.99 each month or $99 yearly. What most Tesla owners do not understand is that you can get the majority of these functions without needing to spend for a membership at all. The technique is to link your Tesla to your smart device's Hotspot through WiFi. This will enable you to get Video Streaming, Caraoke, Music Streaming, and Web Surfing in addition to core maps & navigation performance consisting of traffic-based routing, Journey Coordinator, and Supercharger stall schedule. To utilize your mobile hotspot, it's finest to have a limitless strategy with your provider.

More Streaming Services and Games

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If you are signed up for Premium Connection or linked to your smart phone's hotspot, you can get access to streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and more. It's currently an outstanding choice however it's possible to include much more streaming services to your Tesla by going to in your Tesla's web browser. Visiting this site will provide you access to streaming services like HBO Max, ESPN, Paramount+, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more! You can even play video games like Tetris and more. The user interface is simple and responsive to utilize, you can bookmark the site so it's the first thing you see when opening the web browser making it much easier than ever to begin streaming immediately.

Unlock Charge Port

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We hope it never ever occurs, the charging cable television can in some cases end up being stuck in your Tesla's charge port. You will not be able to utilize the primary screen to digitally open the charge port if this occurs at house or even at the tesla Supercharger. Due to the fact that launching the cable television by hand can be difficult, this can be discouraging. Fortunately, there is a method to launch the charging cable television utilizing a covert lock situated in the upper left side of the Trunk. You'll require to do some digging to discover the cable television, once you have actually got it, simply offer it a yank and the charging cable television will be by hand launched.

Lower Autopilot Speed FAST

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If you ever find yourself taking a trip above the speed limitation while participated in auto-pilot and require to rapidly lower your speed to match the speed limitation, you can do this merely by tapping the speed limitation icon on the screen, instead of utilizing the scroll wheel to change the speed. Tapping the speed limitation icon will rapidly, however securely lower your speed in case of an emergency situation or to prevent traffic infractions.

Send Address To Tesla

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Tesla's navigation system makes it simple to look for an address and browse to it rapidly and quickly, however there are likewise other methods to inform your Tesla where you wish to go. You can send out the address straight to your Tesla wirelessly if you desire to browse to an address you have on your mobile gadget. You can do this utilizing addresses that have actually been e-mailed, texted to you, and even addresses you browse utilizing your web browser. You can do this by merely long continuing the address and picking to share it to the Tesla app, which will then send out the address straight to your Tesla and begin browsing to the address. You'll require the Tesla app, Bluetooth allowed, and a chauffeur profile linked to your Tesla.

Sun Visor Extension

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This one might be quite typical to many chauffeurs, nevertheless, it might be unexpected to understand that a lot of motorists have no concept. If you didn't understand, your Teslas sun visors can be extended by merely pulling the visor to the best or left once it's been folded down, exposing an adjustable rod for more protection.

Parking Brake

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You might understand that the parking brake is immediately made it possible for when you park your Tesla and leave the lorry, however did you understand you can make it possible for the parking brake by hand? You can do this by holding the park button on the best wheel stock. When holding it for a couple of seconds, the parking brake will engage and a parking brake sign will appear on the primary screen. If you are parking on a hill or likely driveway while still being in the vehicle, this can be helpful.

Navigate Home or to Work FAST

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Do you desire a faster method to browse to work or house quickly? Instead of striking the address bar and picking house or work and after that tapping browse, you can make the procedure much quicker by just swiping either up or down on the navigation bar. One easy swipe will right away begin navigation to your house or work.

Battery and Range Icon

Your Tesla will constantly reveal you just how much charge your battery has by utilizing a battery icon in the leading left of your screen. By default, it will reveal you the quantity of charge by portion, however if you tap on the number, you can alter it to just how much mileage you have the ability to take a trip with the existing charge. A beneficial however basic surprise function!




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