Model 3/Y/S/X accessories to prepare for 2023

These are our top-rated must-have accessories for your delivery day needs. These are not just the ones we recommend after painstakingly testing and making sure we have the best product for the Tesla community, but also the ones our customers rave about.

Teslas have beautiful minimalist interiors, but they're not always convenient. Here are the high-quality, affordable products we think will make your Tesla owner experience even better.

Essential Kit for New Model 3/Y Owners:

screen protection film

tesla model s car cover

The first thing you should buy - so bring it with you on delivery day.

Every time you use it, your fingernails will inevitably scratch the screen.

Protective film minimizes fingerprints and smudges.

We offer sheer and matte clarity. We recommend matte as it reduces glare on the screen.

jack pad

tesla model x seating

These are used to securely jack up your car so the jack can't slip and damage your battery pack - it's right next to your jacking point.

Assuming you take your Tesla to the store, they probably won't use these, so it's best to have them on hand for emergencies.

cup holder insert

Make sure your mug won't slip around or spill

easy to clean

console organizer

Items you thought your car would be equipped with

This is a perfect fit for your console and looks OEM

Felt material keeps items from rattling inside

3/Y-shaped fenders

Maintain your rocker from dust and rock splashes that can damage your paint.

Model 3 flaps have PPF to prevent paint damage when fenders rub.

Easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware.

Model 3/Y/S Mats

Protect your rugs from snow, ice, mud, dirt, and all the elements you drag in from outside.

These are weatherproof pads that are super easy to remove and clean.

3-D scanning for edge-to-edge assembly, including raised edges

Fits every part of your Tesla Model 3/Y/S, from trunk to trunk




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