5 Useful Car Accessories

Sunroof Sunshade


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The glass roof of the Model 3 is pretty cool. From the inside, it gives the passengers in the car a very transparent view environment, which makes the originally closed interior space suddenly open and relaxed.
The manufacturer advertises that it has various coatings that can resist ultraviolet and infrared rays, but according to the actual use of the car owner, the heat insulation effect is not ideal. Since the chemical coating doesn't work, use physical isolation directly. This sunroof sunshade is molded according to the size of the original car, and the size fits perfectly. With the silver-plated thermal insulation layer, it can be very effective for thermal insulation.


Screen Protector


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With the popularity of smartphones, the screen protection industry has also become hot, and there are nine out of ten people who use screen protection for the first time after buying a new phone. As car screens get bigger and bigger, the trend of using screen protectors for car screens is becoming more and more popular.

It stands to reason that the car screen does not have the risk of falling or scratching like a mobile phone, so many people choose not to use screen protection. But for Tesla owners, in most cases, you need to touch the screen to complete the operation, so leave fingerprints are inevitable. Therefore, it is also necessary to avoid some low-probability events while keeping the screen clean.

This screen protector has 9H hardness and 4K clarity and 0.33MM ultra-thin thickness. It also comes with an auxiliary tool to ensure you 100% stick it in the correct position

Charger Holder


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This simple organizer is truly the perfect accessory for your Tesla charger. It is a simple addition that will have a huge impact to the outlook of your garage. Designed with the intention of keeping your space organized and to protect your Tesla Charger from damage. A convenient wall-mount holder keep charging plug clean and tidy and reduced risk of tripping.

Jack Pad

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Each adapter perfectly fits into factory lifting locations. If your car does not have an adapter, you may risk damaging the battery of the vehicle when raising it to rotate tires. It can effectively protect the car chassis side skirts and protect the battery from damage when the vehicle is repaired or replaced with tires and wheels.

Under-Hood Rain Deflector


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The purpose of this deflector is to keep water out of your 12 volt battery compartment by creating a seal on the under hood plastic tray. It is a cover that keeps water and debris from entering into your air inlet channel as well as the heat pump area under you hood where your electronics and 12 volt battery are stored. Installs in 10 minutes and no tools are required.




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